About the new edition

The classic resource for every mediator, organizer, and manager’s bookshelf.

The Mediator’s Handbook presents a time-tested, adaptable model for helping people work through conflict.

We’ve rewritten this new edition front to back to incorporate recent practice and thinking. New readers and mediators will find a basic how-to structure, with examples on every page for “what do I say now?!”

Experienced mediators, teachers, and trainers, will find details and nuances that expand your skills and understanding.

Long a popular course textbook used by universities, high schools, and training programs, The Mediator’s Handbook is also a valued desk reference for professional mediators, and a down-to-earth guide for anyone who deals with other people’s disputes:

This book is for YOU!

      Teachers & Trainers
          Managers & Administrators
            Arbitrators & judges
              Social Workers
                      Community Police
                        Organization leaders
                          Members of oversight boards, commissions, panels
                            Coaches, conductors, directors
                                Therapists & counselors

…. anyone working with clients, customers, volunteers, committees, projects, disciplinary processes, or teams.

We’ve kept the accessible manual format from before, and the basic layout of the content: The first half of the book “The Process” lays out each step, from first contact with the parties, to forging a resolution. The second half, “The Toolbox,” explains each concept and skill mediators need to guide the process, support the participants, and help them reach decisions.

See the the complete Table of Contents.