About the Authors

Jennifer BeerDr. Jennifer Beer has been chief writer and editor for all the editions of this Handbook and also authored Peacemaking in Your Neighborhood. She combines her mediation career and her training in cultural anthropology to teach negotiation at Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) and to lead workshops on mediation, negotiation, training design, and cross-cultural communication. As an independent consultant, Jenny also mediates organizational conflicts, facilitates meetings, and still volunteers as a community mediator.
A full bio is posted on Jenny Beer’s Culture-at-work.com website.
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Caroline PackardCaroline C Packard, JD, led Friends Conflict Resolution Programs for 15 years, and has trained many hundreds of mediators. An organizational change- and conflict-resolution specialist with 30 years’ experience, she is a cum laude graduate of Yale College and NYU School of Law and a former corporate litigator with extensive formal training in psychology and organizational-systems analysis. Her research interest is in the evolutionary psychology of cooperation and conflict in groups. Caroline provides conflict-resolution services and training to organizations, professional partnerships, and families.

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